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Hi! I’m Marco

Let’s Craft unforgettable moments through melodies

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Marco graduated from the The Niccolò Piccinni Conservatory of Bari when he was 23 years old. Currently, he lives and works on the Island of Capri where he is also an elementary school music teacher. 

Over the years, his appreciation for influential music and renowned composers such as Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, and John Williams has fueled his creative journey. Imagining the possibility of crafting something uniquely his own, he embarked on a path of rediscovering the intricacies of harmony.

In recent years, he has been engaging with specialized texts and exercises while immersing himself in a diverse range of musical compositions. Focusing on mastering music software and composition programs, he now seamlessly applies his harmonic and instrumental expertise to his own creations. Through recording and composing, he skillfully weaves music that invokes emotions, creating immersive atmospheres that promise a truly captivating auditory experience. Additionally, his skill in transcribing and producing sheet music ensures a personalized and seamless musical experience tailored to the ocassion. 

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Endless possibilities for your special day

Along with a big repertoire of music that covers different genres to keep guests entertained, Marco performs at any kind of event.
For example, at weddings he can play while the bride and groom are walking down the aisle and then perform at the wedding reception.
Marco is available for luxurious, extravagant or small events, romantic ocassions, parties and wedding celebrations available for hire across Italy, as well as internationally. He is regularly booked to perform for weddings and events on Capri Island and The Amalfi Coast. He has also perfomed in different places across Italy, such as Bari, Ravello, Rome, Sorrento and Venice.